services in canada & sri lanka

With several years experience in the logistics industry we can assist our customers with all their shipping needs associated with air, land or sea transport.

We specialize in :

  Air freight

  Sea shipments

  Land shipments

          Air & Sea consolidation

  Container handling & leasing

  Freight Forwarding

  LCL Consolidation


  Customs clearance

  Commercial, Residential  and Industrial packing & removal

  Courier packages

  Residential pickup & drop-off

Our  International Agents

London, United Kingdom  – Transcontinental Shipping – (0208)-889-8486

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka   – Ceylon Shipping Lines Ltd. – (067)-227-7302

Colombo, Sri Lanka  – Ceylon Shipping Lines Ltd. – (011)-268-0301

Kandy, Sri Lanka  – Ceylon Shipping Lines Ltd. – (812)-234-5657

Dubai, India  – Available soon