MonthDeparture dateEstimated Arrival dateStatus
December December 19th 2018 second week of february 2019 Collecting cargo
November Wednesday November 21 2018 First Week of January 2019 Collecting cargo
October October 17th 2018 First Week of December 2018 Collecting cargo
September Wednesday September 12th, 2018 Second Week of November 2018 En route
August Wednesday August 15 2018 Third Week of October 2018 En Route
July Wednesday July 25th 2018 Third Week of September 2018 Delivered
June Wednesday June 27th, 2018 Third week of August 2018 Delivered
April April 29 2018 third week of May 2018 Delivered
May Wednesday May 30th 2018 Last week of July 2018 Delivered
March March 28th, 2018 Last week of May, 2018 Delivered