Next Shipment Date :

Our Christmas Shipment will depart on Tuesday October 8 2019.  Tentative arrival  date expected in the Third  Week of  November 2019


Next Shipment Date :

Our November Shipment will depart on Tuesday November 12 2019.  Tentative arrival  date expected in the Fifth   Week of  December 2019

Ceycan transhipping inc.

Here at Ceycan we work with major transportation companies to make shipping quick and affordable. Specializing in shipping to Sri Lanka, we offer very competitive pricing  to ship your goods to anywhere on the Island.

Who we are

Ceycan is a 100% Canadian owned and operated logistics company that specializes in shipping personal effects to Sri Lanka on a monthly basis with an aim to provide this service bi-weekly. We are the sole agents in Canada for Ceylon Shipping Lines Ltd, who provide us with exclusive benefits when shipping to Sri Lanka which allows us to keep our prices low.

In addition to shipping personal effects, we also provide commercial shipping for larger shipments. Ceycan has assisted numerous multinational corporations in moving large quantities of commercial cargo to other parts of the world, always satisfying our corporate customers.

With connections all over Canada and Sri Lanka, we use the services of customs brokers and shipping agents who we have partnered with to deal with all imports and exports.


  Worldwide air freight shipping

  Nationwide shipping by train & transport truck

  Transcontinental shipping by cargo ship

Personal effects or commercial cargo, we ship it all.